This post is going to get so real with you guys! Maybe because I am a little biased, since if you know me you know i’ve been together with Eric since high school, and one of the things I ask him over and over is to get a photographer for us when we decide to become engaged. Im going to share my reasons why I think its so important!

This moment happens so fast!

Think of this, one of the most important and emotional times in your life and it happens in a few short minutes! Can you imagine trying to relive this moment over and over, just to forget the details over time? It makes me anxious just thinking about possibly forgetting this time. Im not sure why, but I think becoming engaged is such a huge life moment! You are celebrating finding the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with. I am all about you doing what works best for you, your lifestyle, and tells your unique story but traditionally one person gets down on one knee and pops the biggest question of your life. That second of pure happiness is something I never want you to forget- all the emotion you feel in that one moment I want captured on photograph so that you can live and relive this moment.

The beginning to your story

Not only is it an amazing feeling to have one moment that happened so fast captured in film to last a life time, but this is also the beginning to your entire story! Why not capture the moment you decide to get married, whether you’re planning a wedding or elopement, its great to have a starting place. While your relationship is so much more than the proposal and the wedding, I aim to capture photographs that tell a story of you as a couple moving through your life. This is why wedding photography and newborn photography are so close to my heart. Capturing these meaningful life moments that stitch together to tell your unique story of all your most meaningful life moments is why I do what I do.

This post might quite possibly be one of my cheesiest posts, but it truly is so important to me to document this life moment because it is so fleeting and I would give so much to have these photographs that are so full of emotion that tell my story, and hopefully you feel the same.