It is so common for newborn sessions to happen within the first two weeks of birth. Especially for posed newborn sessions because in the first couple weeks the baby sleeps most of the day that allows for those adorable poses. Since specializing in lifestyle newborn photography, I have loved capturing newborns just a little bit older than two weeks old for reasons i’m going to share below!!

They develop a tiny personality

I love waiting a few weeks to photograph newborns because in those few short weeks they have already developed a little personality. They are already showing little smiles that we all know make you smile because- could they get any cuter? Your baby develops little patterns that form their personality, like sleeping with their arms above their head ALWAYS, or smiling when they see dads beard. It’s nice to document those early personality traits to be able to look back and remember the little moments like how it made you laugh every time they made a cute sound.

They are awake longer

Sleeping babies can be the sweetest thing on the face of the earth, but personally I love being able to capture those awake babes. When they are awake you get to interact with them, which makes for the sweetest memories. Watching your baby make their little facial expressions puts the biggest smile on mom and dads faces. I love getting the chance to document their eyes and the colour of them as they often change as they grow. Even though they are a bit older they still tend to sleep for little bits of the session so you still get those cozy silent sleeping photos.

You had time to settle in to your new role

Adjusting to a new baby, whether they are your first, second, or third, is a huge deal. You have to get used to a new routine, less sleep, and caring for this newborn- it’s a lot to take on all at once! Allowing for parents to settle into their new routine can help the session feel comfortable and relaxed. The stresses of bringing home a newborn may have passed and you get to enjoy the time getting to know your new baby. I love capturing the strong bond between you and your baby, feeling relaxed and comfortable will allow for those authentic, natural moments.

It was such a pleasure capturing this family bond with their newest addition. I could not get over baby S tiny features, her chubby cheeks and her precious smile at her momma and dad.