Waterfall Engagement Adventure

February 11, 2020

I cannot contain my excitement about this session, you won’t believe this Hamilton waterfall we got up close and personal with! Adventure sessions around Hamilton, Ontario are a personal favourite of mine because I genuinely love to explore and take in the beauty of the landscape, really during any season! I’m sharing the secrets to having such a fun session below!

This session was so much fun because we were genuinely astonished by the beauty of the location. It sparked our natural curiosity to see what it had in store for us. We really took a few moments to just be in awe of the size of the waterfall and the sound it made as it plummeted down the rocks. It was really amazing which made J & D a really happy couple.

We let go of perfect and just had fun

The pure happiness that we all felt made it really fun to capture tons of candid moments. You couldn’t help but smile while walking closer and closer to the falls. Even though we took these photos in the winter time, we got so lucky with such a beautiful day it barely felt cold at all. I love the natural moments that I can capture during adventure sessions where you are really just exploring.

We were doing what we loved

I gave a selection of locations to J & D to choose from and they chose this waterfall location. One of my favourite activities to do is hiking around Hamilton because it is known for its waterfalls. J & D had an amazing time hiking the path through the forest towards the falls and it just got more amazing the further we went. Doing what you love during your engagement session has a huge impact on your photos!

I can’t wait to capture J & D on their wedding day and capture more of them being naturally and uniquely them.