Downtown Guelph Winter Wedding

February 17, 2020

Are you feeling any guilt over not pleasing every single person on your wedding day? I am here to tell you not to! There are a lot of important people involved in the wedding plan like mothers and fathers and spouses and all the people. Let’s go back and remember who this wedding is for…its for you and your loved one, the one you chose to grow old with! Let’s dive in on how you can make your wedding day the day that YOU dreamt of.

Take some time alone with your Fiancé to set a plan of what you both envision for your day. What do you each want to incorporate? What is important for you to both have on your wedding day? What could you both do without on your wedding day? Create a shared vision of how you want your big day to look! That doesn’t seem too hard, I mean I bet you’ve been putting together tiny pieces of your wedding day in your head or even on Pinterest for a while!

Share your vision with your family

With a vision in mind of how you want your wedding day to look, share this vision with your close family that you want to involve in the planning of your wedding day. Share with your family why this vision is important to you and get them excited about it! If you set the goal and the vision that you see for your wedding from the start, it will be easier to stay on track with what you want for your wedding day.

Do what makes you happy!

Traditional weddings are no longer the standard for weddings, and now more and more people are choosing to incorporate unique details into their wedding. Want to have a cottage wedding, or a small intimate wedding? Want to elope or just invite guests for the reception? Want to have fun at your cocktail hour and be present the entire day? DO IT! As a wedding photographer, I believe that those unique touches on your wedding day help to bring out your personality and tell your story!

This wedding took place in downtown Guelph- where the couple could be free spirited and have fun!

Flowers by WR Designs The Flower Company

Make up by Christina Pfaff

Hair by Nickie’s Beauty Bar

Calligraphy by Ink & Vellum