Intimate Backyard Ceremony

July 20, 2020

Eve and Ryan had originally planned a smaller wedding, surrounded by close family and friends. Well, their wedding got a lot smaller when they had to make last minute plans to go ahead with their ceremony during a global pandemic. They told me that being with their family and friends, and getting beautiful photographs to preserve the day were the most important things to them. Fast forward to their wedding day and I arrive to the most beautifully decorated backyard.

Eve and Ryan’s backyard ceremony was simple yet so beautiful, its like their backyard was made to get married in. Eve walked down the aisle that was adorned with lights and rose petals, alongside her sweet mom. They shared their vows under the tree in the yard surrounded by the love of their family and friends. What I love the most about Ryan and Eve’s small wedding was how simple it was, and how the simplicity added to their day. The white flowers against the green trees and shrubs were subtle yet added so much natural beauty. They never stopped smiling, even after everything that was thrown their way before and on their wedding day. You can tell that what was really important to them was to be together!

Wedding Portraits

Even on the smallest of wedding, I love taking out a little bit of time to capture you as a couple. When Ryan and Eve had their engagement session they let their personalities shine and were super silly. That definitely came through in their wedding photos and I love how it’s so uniquely them! These two embraced change with a positive attitude and a smile on their face, they had the most beautiful and intimate wedding day.