Question of the day! What do I wear for my engagement session?

It can be a tricky task to choose your outfit for your photo session, especially! I’ll start off by telling you my best advice… choose something that is comfortable and that is YOU!

Incorporate earth tones into your outfit:

I always always always recommend earth tones. Earth tones are colours like tans and beiges, dark greens, dark oranges, reds, black and white!

Don’t be afraid of patterns:

Patterns can look gorgeous in photos! In the summer you can choose a neutral and pretty floral print or anything with a fun pattern on it! It will definitely stand out in your photos! If one person is wearing a pattern try to dress the other person in something that compliments the pattern and is more neutral. Try to avoid patterns that have thin strips in them, they give off a funny effect in the camera.

Choose your outfit for the Weather/season:

In the winter I recommend layering up with sweaters and nice coats, try to steer clear of heavy winter coats if possible! Scarves and cute hats can always be fun and provide extra warmth. Winter sessions can be a bit more tricky to plan for, check out how this couple layered with scarves and sweaters to create a cozy feeling for their engagement session here.

In the spring/fall you may want to bundle up a bit as evenings can be cooler. I usually recommend jeans and a nice top with a cardigan or a nice sweater!

In the summer you can dress up and wear a nice flowy dress, or you can go casual with shorts or jeans and a nice top!

Choose one outfit first!

My best advice would be to choose one outfit first and then choose the second persons outfit! If you find a pattern or have a certain outfit in mind, you can start with that idea and then build the second outfit to compliment the first one!

Accessories can be fun:

I’m obsessed with fun accessories like boho hats or nice blanket scarves!

There ya have it! These are my top secret (not so secret) tips on choosing an outfit for your photoshoot! If you’re in need of some additional inspiration to plan your outfits, try taking a peek at my curated Pinterest board! If you have an upcoming session with me, be sure to reach out and ask for even more tips to help choose an outfit for you and your family.