6 step guide to planning your elopement or small wedding!

Do you want to take back your wedding day? Do you feel like a big wedding just doesn’t suit you? Or maybe you are dealing with the impact that the pandemic is causing right now. No matter what the reason is, if you’re here you want to learn how to plan your dream elopement! So let’s jump right into it with step 1.

Step 1: Pick a special place

The beauty about an elopement is that you can elope pretty much anywhere. You can get super creative with the endless locations you could choose to elope, like on a beach, in the woods, or on a gorgeous country property. Try to think of a location that speaks to you as a couple! I love the idea of eloping at a cottage in the woods by the lake! There are also amazing places to elope in Elora, Ontario. Keep in mind whether it is safe to elope in a specific location and if it accessible to the people attending.

Pro tip: look into the location before making plans to see if there are any rules/guidelines or if you need any special permits.

Step 2: create a budget

Creating a budget doesn’t mean pulling a number out of thin air, there are some different aspects to keep in mind when creating a budget! Do some research on your dream locations and dream vendors to see what kind of price range you are looking at. From there create a budget that works best for you taking into account your venue and vendors. Remember this is supposed to be stress free and there is no need to please anyone but yourselves!

Step 3: Choose your vendors

Don’t overlook vendors when planning your elopement! The key with choosing vendors for your elopement is you get to choose exactly what you and your fiancé want the most, without pressure from anyone! Some key vendors you will want at your elopement are: Photographer and Videographer– you definitely want to remember your special day. I highly recommend working with a florist, a beautiful bouquet can go a long way to make your day look and feel extra special! You of course need an officiant because without one you wouldn’t be getting married! It is also a great idea to look into a local catering company that can deliver for small events. Catering is something that can easily be overlooked but at the end of the day the last thing you want is to be hungry with no option for food! Finally, get in touch with a local hair stylist and make-up artist to really make the most of your elopement and to feel amazing!

Pro tip: check out the vendors I love working with at the end

Step 4: Create a timeline

I love elopements for their simplicity, which is why I think creating a timeline for an elopement is pretty easy with the help of someone who knows! I work with my brides and grooms to help them build a timeline that reflects what they feel is important on the day. The timeline typically includes time for getting ready, which will be quick since there aren’t 12 bridesmaids getting ready at the same time as you! Followed by the elopement ceremony with some pictures in between. Lastly, depending on your personal preferences you may want to include a dinner or a date night! Boom, super simple elopement timeline with minimal stress involved.

pro tip: ask your planner or your photographer for advice on creating a timeline that suits your needs.

Step 5: invite your guests

Typically, elopements have a super small amount of people involved, which is part of what makes an elopement so appealing. Don’t be afraid of inviting a few important guests to your elopement! Typically, people decide to invite parents and siblings, as well as any super important friends. The guest list tends to be less than 10 people and can sometimes only be the officiant and the witness! This is really all about you so do what you feel is right and don’t be worried about disappointing people!

Step 6: get married

Sit back, relax, and elope!

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