The Baby Connection

Why I capture the introduction of your baby

Typically in a blog post I like to share tips and tricks to serve you and to allow you to have the best photoshoot with your baby. This one is a little bit different- I want to share my why. The reason I do what I do affects the outcome of my work and the art that you get to hold onto and cherish for the rest of your life.

I was chatting with a friend lately about how I don’t have babies or kids yet and how I feel like my world will open up for me once I start having kids. I came to the realization that my yearn to be at that stage of my life is what fuels my passion to capture the pure love between a parent and their baby.

Growing up, I was that kid that wanted to be a “mom” when I grew up. I worked with babies and kids for as long as I can remember as a daycare employee, babysitter, and personal nanny. While I know motherhood and parenthood will be one of the hardest things I do in life, it also feels like one of the most beautiful things to come of this life.

I think my passion for motherhood leads me to capture that feeling of desire and pure love that a parent has for their little newborn. When I capture families, I think how wonderful of a time this must be. Maybe it’s also exhausting and difficult but it’s amazing at the same time. I want parents to remember these FEELINGS of bringing their baby home, holding them close, reading them stories, and singing them songs. Those feelings should be cherished because the moments are fleeting.

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