Their dream wedding was postponed, this is what they did instead!

January 28, 2021

Shauna and Anthony had their dream wedding day planned for July 25th, 2020 but the world had other plans for them. When you have plans that big, a plan to stand in front of the person you love and commit your life to them, a plan to see all of your closest family and friends gathered together in celebration, a change in these plans can be devastating. What Shauna and Anthony did to celebrate their wedding day was so admirable because they did so with a positive outlook and smiles on their faces.

Photos taken at Mint Room Studios in Toronto, ON.

When they finally came to the realization that they had to postpone their wedding day from 2020 to 2021, they reached out to me so that they could celebrate their wedding day with an intimate photo session. They booked a studio, and luckily snagged a spot on their original wedding day. What better way than to turn a bad situation into something so beautiful than to document your love for each other on your original wedding date?

Shauna and Anthony dressed up and Shauna wore the saree that she was going to get married in, Anthony wore a suit. Even though they were not getting married, they were with each other and the time spent together was so meaningful. After all the anticipation and preparation for your wedding day and then to have it all crash down on you within just a couple weeks due to the current world events, it’s hard to imagine.

I thought, what an amazing idea to document your togetherness through this time and on the original wedding date. I was so happy that I had the privilege of capturing Shauna and Anthony’s special day. What an amazing way to turn an otherwise sad day back into a day of happiness and celebration. Celebration for each other and for being together. They now have a time capsule of all the emotions they felt on their wedding day and it will be fun to look back on those memories a year from now when they finally get to marry.